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"Pallavi Guptaa's When The Porridge Overflows' is a refreshing look at our world seen through the eyes of a keen observer. She writes with rare sensitivity on the 'small things' that make a big difference. There is a philosopher in there just waiting to crawl out. Her vignettes are well-written, perceptive and full of delightful insights."

Shobha De


Here is a human life before us, unlike any other. It is a life that recollects lifetimes, transcends time and space and creates its own course. It is a life beyond our perception but not beyond our belief because it lives amidst us. When you start looking at life a little less seriously, and find yourself laughing at its carefully edited scenes, when a still tree or a casual sky brings blissful tears to you, when you begin to experience moments without a single thought, you know you have been touched by a divine possibility. And it is from this possibility, that you are able to go as far as you wish. YOU is such a book.


YAGNA is a unique collection of poems written by a relentless seeker to her spiritual Master, Sadhguru, expressing the Realizations that woke her from the sleep of life. The poems are urging and uplifting and unfold an intimate communication of yearning and discovery.

Every seeker who has known a true Master will relate to them. Both, an inspiration and reminder at once, this makes the perfect bedside book for every seeker.